Router Set Up

Davao PC Repair router setupWireless networks can be vulnerable to access by hackers if not set up properly. If you are interested in getting a wireless network for your home or office or would like us to protect your network from intrusion by hackers, call us.

Davao PC Repair will ensure your data is secure and your network is set up properly to prevent data hackers. Whether it be setting up an Ethernet cable for your office or setting up a wireless network in your home, we have the answer. Let one of our technicians sit down with you to determine the best wise networking solution!

Here’s what you will acquire:

  • Network setup, installation, and selection
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • File, Printer, And Fax Sharing
  • Privacy/Security Assessment and protection
  • Office/Home Internet/Network setup (DSL, Cable Modem, Router Wireless & Wired).
  • Home or Small Office Ethernet Cat5 cabling.
  • Installing and configuring wireless networks.
  • Wireless Print server setups.
  • Application Server setups.
  • Network Printer installs.
  • Switch & Router Configuration.
  • Wireless Network Troubleshooting.
  • Wireless Access Point Install.
  • Wireless Repeater Setup.

All that you need to do it is to contact us online or contact us at (082) 285-8603 for the Davao area and set an appointment or the best time to suit your needs.

We’ll send a skilled technician to your house to effectively identify and repair the trouble.