Computer Clean Up

Davao PC Repair pc cleanup

When you want fast computer service in the form of a great used fashioned clean-up, our repair techs will get there to clean up your computer hardware and software. If your computer needs some spring clean-up, our mobile repair service technicians can come to you to blow out and clean your computer or laptop. As your computer operates, it gets dust and debris from the air in your house, and over time this dirt can degrade the functioning of your computer and reduce its service life. If it is the operating system of the computer itself that needs to be cleaned up, we will clean out your operating system of any unneeded applications and files to optimize your performance and free storage space.

Our group provides a quick computer cleaning service at an inexpensive rate. By taking the time to carefully clear away dirt and dust from your computer’s ventilation, fans, ports, and buttons we can really help extend the life of your device and avoid heating up, drive problems, and other computer problems. We can set up home appointments six days a week, within four hours if you call us before noontime.

With the preventative support services of Davao PC Repair, you can manage by yourself the cost of buying a completely new machine. We serve fast servicing and cleaning for all your computers. Our skilled repair service team can address your problems right in your home. We can look for major problems and provide you with the computer service that will keep your money in the future.

Computer repair service and computer clean-up make the effort to protect your investment. Wherever you are in Davao City, Davao PC Repair will give exceptional home computer service to perform the work while you wait. Our skillful technicians will focus on addressing whatever issues you have.

We can provide the following:

  • Computer case cleaning
  • Safe screen clean-up
  • Removing dust buildup from fans and heat sinks
  • Organize devices and cables to prevent buildup and clutter
  • Check out processor and RAM for signs of overheating
  • Check out hard drive/solid-state drive for premature wear
  • Well-maintained and dust keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.
  • Clear USB, Ethernet, and other ports
  • And some other support services your computer might require.

Contact us at (082) 285-8603 and our attentive and helpful expert will be at your door in no time.